Dylan Nielsen

Dylan is the Head of Product at FireHydrant.

FireHydrant March 2021 Product Updates

Here are our latest product updates from March - now it's easier than ever to customize FireHydrant. Read more

Dylan Nielsen 2021-03-31

Product Updates: Creating a New Runbook Just Got Easier with Templates

We've made some exciting updates to the platform that makes creating Runbooks easier for new users, we spoke at Hashitalks and Developer Week, plus completely updated our website! Read more

Dylan Nielsen 2021-02-26

Announcing Updated Analytics Filters to Dive Even Deeper into your Historic Incident Data

We've released more powerful analytics filtering so that you can drill down into your data even further. Here are some ideas on how to best get a handle on what's available. Read more

Dylan Nielsen 2021-02-26
IntegrationsFireHydrant Platform

Product Updates: Integrations with Opsgenie and VictorOps, and more!

We've had a lot of product updates this month. Check out our integrations with Opsgenie and VictorOps, new templates for incident types, and many other small improvements Read more

Dylan Nielsen 2021-01-28

Product Updates: Conditions in FireHydrant Runbooks, CSV Exports, and much more

A lot can happen in a month: we also released conditions in FireHydrant Runbooks, premiered a fun video at Chaos Conf, filmed Throughput Thursdays on Twitch, and hosted a webinar, but wait, there’s more! Read more

Dylan Nielsen 2020-10-20

New Release: Incident Automation Just Got Even Better with Conditions in FireHydrant Runbooks

We’ve made your favorite FireHydrant feature, FireHydrant Runbooks, even more powerful with conditions - a way to build custom logic into your runbook automation. Read more

Dylan Nielsen 2020-10-01

September Product Updates: Analytics, Damage Report, Archiving, and more!

This September, check out our new and improved analytics experience, new Slack app home, and many more updates. Read more

Dylan Nielsen 2020-09-14

August Product Updates: Zoom, Slack, Runbook updates, & more

This past month, we’ve been committed to simplifying the platform while making some of our most critical workflows more powerful than ever. Here you’ll find some highlights over the last month. Read more

Dylan Nielsen 2020-08-04

New Integration: Create Zoom Incident Bridges Automatically

Incident response doesn’t only happen in Slack, so today we’re happy to announce our integration with Zoom to create incident bridges automatically. Now a Zoom meeting can be added with fully customizable titles and agendas based on your incident details. Read more

Dylan Nielsen 2020-07-28

PagerDuty Integration Updates

It's easier than ever to turn PagerDuty alerts into FireHydrant incidents in one click. Read more

Dylan Nielsen 2020-07-06

Incident Page Updates

Here's a set of changes to the incident and retrospective pages to further simplify the incident command center. Read more

Dylan Nielsen 2020-07-06

Announcing Ticketing

Check out our latest release - an update to our ticket and task tracking features in FireHydrant. Read more

Dylan Nielsen 2020-03-17

Graceful Error Handling with Redux

Redux powers our global state at FireHydrant, one of the things we use most heavily is the ability to let redux store our API errors to handle failure states on the UI. See how we're using Redux to power our global state at FireHydrant. Read more

Dylan Nielsen 2019-09-16

Using React Select with Redux Form

At FireHydrant we use Redux Form for all of our forms. It is extremely easy to build complex form logic with all sorts of added bonuses that make using it in our React/Redux front end a no brainer. Learn how FireHydrant uses Redux Form. Read more

Dylan Nielsen 2019-04-23