Create consistent incident processes, fast

Eliminate toil by creating custom automation rules with FireHydrant Runbooks. Take manual tasks and create reliable, repeatable sequences that run when you want.


Automate workflows

Leverage FireHydrant’s Runbooks to automate your existing workflows so that you won’t need to manually repeat the same steps every time there’s an incident.

Become focused faster

FireHydrant’s Runbooks turns the critical first minutes of your declaration process into seconds, getting your team to mitigating and resolving the incident faster.

Consistency at scale

When your workflow is automated, your incident process is executed seamlessly and consistently - every time - making it easy for your process to grow along with your team and business.

How it works

Connect your tools and identify your processes

Easily integrate your existing tools and convert your manual runbooks into automated runbooks.

Build workflows to your specifications

FireHydrant’s Runbooks are all about turning your incident response flowcharts into a reliable and consistent set of automations.

Watch the magic happen

Once you’ve built out your runbooks, let FireHydrant reduce your toil the next time you declare an incident.

Turn minutes into seconds with FireHydrant Runbooks

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