Keep organized with a comprehensive view of your infrastructure

FireHydrant’s Service Catalog acts as a repository to keep your team organized for the complex relationships between teams, apps, and cloud infrastructure that are not discoverable.


Centralized view of your infrastructure

FireHydrant becomes the ‘connective tissue’ when you integrate all of your tools so that you are always in control and can easily find what you need no matter how complex your infrastructure.

Get to the fire faster

By knowing where to look, FireHydrant makes it easy to identify the where and whats of mitigating your incident and resolving it faster.

Organize to scale

FireHydrant helps you decrease knowledge silos so that no matter the change, from new hires, reorgs, adding new tech, or any other unprecedented event, you can grow painlessly.

How it works

Add your Infrastructure

FireHydrant’s Service Catalog allows you to simply add and organize your functionalities, services, and environments out of the box.

Create powerful custom automation

If an incident impacts a specific infrastructure, you can leverage FireHydrant’s Runbooks to add your SME, provide instructions, or automate tasks.

Send the right responders to the right place

When an incident happens, you can quickly identify the correct responders and point them directly to the impacted areas for resolution based on the details.

Build a comprehensive view of your infrastructure

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