Increase your product reliability with Service Catalog

Manage, query, and learn about services that exist on your platform with FireHydrant’s Service Catalog, so you ensure the quality of products launched and in production.

How it works

Map out your services with automatic ingestion. 

  • FireHydrant’s Service Catalog allows you to simply add and organize your functionalities, services, and environments out of the box.

  • Store Service Catalog data as code in a Github repo and FireHydrant will automatically update our data whenever yours changes.

Automate your incident management process based on service conditions.

  • Set up Runbook conditions with service metadata and automatically attach service metadata to incidents, so that you can quickly identify the correct services and owners to point responders directly to the impacted areas for resolution based on the details.

Easily discover everything you need to know about a service. 

  • Quickly find out what a service does, who created it, the recent changes, and all other information associated with it. 

  • Easily query services from wherever you work, whether that is Slack, our web UI, our through APIs. 

  • Make data-driven decisions to improve your infrastructure based on analytics around service metadata.  

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Achieve greater reliability with Service Catalog

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