Keep your cool

Utilize SRE best practices using FireHydrant’s incident response platform to organize, investigate, and remedy faster.

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Incidents cost money

Incidents cost a company money every second they're impacting customers.

Incidents will happen

You're guaranteed to experience an incident if you operate any system at any scale.

Response management

How you respond to an incident can be the difference between a few minutes of outage and hours.

Organize Get the right people on the right job


Fill out your SRE roles and assign members to instantly delegate responsibility in an incident. Assign who owns what components to get the right people on the job.

Slack Integration

If you're using Slack, FireHydrant gets even better. Quickly open incidents, notify other channels, and assemble your team easily all without leaving Slack.

Investigate Find the cause quickly

The Service Catalog

Keep a catalog of your environments and the things running in them with our service catalog feature. Make it easy to quickly find all of the gears of your product

The Changelog

Fire's typically start when something changes. That's why we offer a one stop shop for you to log all of the change occuring in your stack.

Remedy Quick solutions mean less money lost

Incident Logs

While you're fighting a fire, FireHydrant will transparently keep track of changes and Slack chat in your incident log automatically. You can easily filter notes and chat as well.


Post mortem

Easily access all prior incidents with fine grain filtering to help make actionable changes to keep your system robust.


FireHydrant helps companies tame the chaos of incidents by providing tools to exercise SRE best practices.