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Track all of your infrastructure and application changes in your Changelog

Organize With Slack

Create and organize Incidents directly from Slack and keep everyone in the know.

Service Catalog

Keep your environments and applications organized in your service catalog.

The Changelog

Add Changes from UI or the API and get automatically notified when one might have caused a disruption.

Environments and Components

All changes get grouped under environments and components so it's easy to find what went out, where it was going, and when.

Labels and Links

Add additional metadata such as labels and links to enable searches and quick references. Filtering by labels in the UI or API makes investigating smooth.


Maintain your service catalog in FireHydrant with Components and Environments


If you're deploying a piece of software, add it to FireHydrant as a component. Add labels, descriptions, and more to organize.


If you're shipping software, you're shipping it an environment. Add all of your environments and keep track of what components are where.

Slack Integration

Create, notify, and track incidents all without ever leaving Slack. Add notes to incidents and keep track of all chat messages that occur during an outage.


FireHydrant can help reduce time to root cause by providing context to your teams automatically and easily. Let's get started.