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Tie Incidents to components and start keeping track with notes, milestones, and Slack messages. We’ll keep everything organized for when you head into your post mortem.


Have an API and a Web UI? Add them to FireHydrant as components. Organize your incidents by the components you provide in your application. You can quickly find previous incidents for them too. Components make it easy to report on which things fail the most.


We have a deep integration with Slack that allows you to quickly create Incidents, add notes and milestones, and coordinate response. You get an incident specific channel automatically that allows you and your team to coordinate response to any incident on FireHydrant.

Incidents At The Core

No software is perfect. FireHydrant allows you to maintain an organized log of incidents, the events that occurred during them, and integrations to lift information to the surface that matters.

  • Attach incidents to your software's components
  • Find incidents that affected a set of components in the past
  • Track milestones, notes, chat, and more with your incident feed

Mission Control

It's important to see remediation steps for an incident in one place. Your incident event feed is that place.

  • See and create milestones and notes from one place
  • Easy stats at a glance during an incident
  • Using Slack? See chat sent during the incident in one place

Quickly Coordinate With Slack

Create an incident without leaving Slack. Attach your components and let your organization know quickly.

  • During the incident, all of your chat messages are automatically attached to your incident
  • Add milestones and notes directly in Slack
  • Notify your other Slack channels of the incident easily

Get Notified

Want to know when incidents are opened? FireHydrant will let you know when things break and when they're fixed.

  • Quickly get an email saying when an incident is opened or closed
  • Notify entire teams you've added to your organization.

Incident History

Quickly find incidents that affected your components in FireHydrant.

  • Heading into a post mortem? Find the incidents that have happened in the past easily
  • Find all of the incidents that affected certain components

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