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New Integration: Create Zoom Incident Bridges Automatically

Dylan Nielsen2020-07-28

Incident response doesn’t only happen in Slack, so today we’re happy to announce our integration with Zoom to create incident bridges automatically. Using the power of FireHydrant Runbooks, a Zoom meeting can be added with fully customizable titles and agendas based on your incident details.

Let’s dive into how it works

Built into Runbooks

The FireHydrant team always spins up a Zoom meeting for our SEV1 incidents. With this new integration, it’s now easier and consistent.

We’re able to configure our SEV1 runbook to automatically create a Zoom meeting when an incident with that severity is declared. This then automatically posts into Slack and updates in the UI so everyone can join seamlessly.

For those lesser, SEV4 or 5 incidents, you have the option to create a Zoom meeting only if manually executed.

If you aren’t already automating your response playbook, check out FireHydrant Runbooks where you can automate every step. With this level of automation, your team can then focus on what matters most: mitigating your incident.

Find out more about FireHydrant Runbooks and how they are helping teams automate their incident response strategies by reading about them here.


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