Communication conquers complexity

FireHydrant keeps your customers in the loop when complexity strikes -- with automated, customizable, and intelligent status pages.

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Public customer-facing status pages

When you need to communicate crucial information to all of your users, you can rely on our status pages.

  • Teams


    FireHydrant already knows about your services, features, and infrastructure, so status page deployment is effortless.

  • Automated


    Keep customers up to date with automated and transparent information that they care about.

  • Easy


    Consolidate and simplify incident response by using a trusted Complex Systems Management platform to handle things for you.

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Private status pages

Large customers that rely on your platform to create amazing experiences for their customers need a solution that inspires confidence. Our private status pages can help.

  • Developers

    The gold standard in customer communication

    Your most important customers deserve the highest level of detailed communication.

  • White-labeled and customizable

    White-labeled and customizable

    White-labeled, customized pages that bolster confidence effortlessly.

  • Automated and Intelligent

    Automated and intelligent

    The same effortless quality we provide for our standard status pages, taken to the next level.

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Integrate with runbooks for scheduled maintenances

Status pages are powered by the FireHydrant platform, so they plug into all of your automated workflows.

  • Integrate with your runbooks

    Integrate with your runbooks

    Use FireHydrant’s sophisticated runbook functionality to seamlessly post and remove status pages during planned maintenances.

  • Don’t miss a Detail

    Don’t miss a detail

    Never leave customers in the dark again when there’s no choice but to run maintenance.

  • Keep in touch during the inciden

    Keep in touch during the incident

    Users can subscribe to status pages to receive updates as they happen.

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We’re working on a suite of tools to make managing complex systems easier, for everyone. We can’t wait to hear what you think.

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