Integrate your favorite tools and apps with FireHydrant so you can automate processes and focus on what matters the most - mitigating and resolving incidents.

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Slack helps teams connect through persistent chat rooms organized by topic, private groups, and direct messaging.


Slack + FireHydrant

Open Incident. Get Shirt

When you install the slack integration and open your first incident, we’ll send you a free Simply Restart Everything (get it?) shirt.

FireHydrant is all about making incident management easier, which means finding easy ways to collaborate is critical. Our powerful integration allows you to fully operate FireHydrant without ever leaving your Slack window. Kick-off incidents, keep up to date, and everything that happens from alert to resolution is automatically documented and saved in FireHydrant’s platform for easy retrospective creation.


Stay in Slack

We built our integration, so you never need to leave Slack to declare and triage an incident.

Declare with haste

Our Slack integration makes declaring an incident easy. With the power of FireHydrant runbooks, we’ll create an incident channel in a snap, making it easy to organize and collaborate as a team.


We’re your scribe

FireHydrant collects and stores all the messages in your incident channel making incident retrospectives more about learning and less about copying and pasting


Notify your #customer-support channel and post to your status page with Slack commands in a dedicated incident channel. We’ll make sure you stick to your communication SLAs using reminders posted on an interval you specify.

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