An enterprise-grade platform for managing enterprise-grade complexity

Automatically notify the right team during an incident. Learn more how FireHydrant makes getting on top of your growing organizational and technical complexity.

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It starts with documentation...

Use FireHydrant to create a comprehensive mapping of people, features, and infrastructure.

  • Teams


    People come first. Who works on what service? Who should I ask about this specific feature? Keep a dynamic directory of stakeholders that is at your fingertips at all times.

  • Features


    From logging in to checking out, take control of the inventory of your end-user functionality, and put that knowledge to work immediately.

  • Infrastructure


    When (not if) operational problems pop up, you need to know immediately what is at stake. Your knowledge graph can help.

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Plugs into all of your tools...

Once FireHydrant has your graph in place, you can start to plug in your team’s favorite tools, from ticketing systems to continuous integration, from Kubernetes to PagerDuty, and more.

  • Developers


    Every part of the Software Development Life Cycle integrates with FireHydrant, from Kubernetes to CI and everything in between. Commits, deploys, tests, and more can all push data into FireHydrant.

  • Product Managers

    Product managers

    Ticketing systems and Slack are the lifeblood of any product organization. Stop maintaining static spreadsheets and start using FireHydrant to automate all kinds of product-oriented tasks.

  • SREs and DevOps

    SREs and DevOps

    Reliability starts with accurate information about the entire system, and all of its darkest corners. FireHydrant can empower teams to ship confidently because the system is always on and always up to date.

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...and gets to work immediately.

Our platform can be used to solve all kinds of problems. Since we have backgrounds as SREs, we started there. But the possibilities are limitless.

  • Incident Response

    Incident response

    We built a world-class incident response toolkit on top of FireHydrant to illustrate its power and to help everyone handle incidents better today.

  • Status Pages

    Status Pages

    We’ve automated internal and customer-facing status pages, integrating them with all of the data you push to our platform. Wait until you see how easy this makes things.

  • And More

    And more

    We expose APIs for everything, and we mean everything. Build something we haven’t thought of, and we’ll give you a month of free service.

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You’ve never seen a more beautiful
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We’re working on a suite of tools to make managing complex systems easier, for everyone. For free. We can’t wait to hear what you think.

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