Incident Ready: How to Chaos Engineer Your Incident Response Process

The FireHydrant Team October 15, 2020


Don’t let a T-Rex ruin your process

We’re pretty sure using a real incident to test a new response process is not the best idea. So, how do you test your process ahead of time?

In this video, FireHydrant CEO, Robert Ross, shared how our customers leverage best practices to break, mitigate, resolve, and fireproof incident processes. He shares a great reminder that:

people mitigated incidents, not processes

In case you couldn’t see the image, it’s a giant image that says “People mitigate incidents, not processes.”

To help you avoid a process breakdown, Robert will walk you through how to leverage chaos engineering philosophies to stress test 3 critical parts:

  1. When and how you declare an incident
  2. How you communicate an incident - internally and externally
  3. When and if you should escalate an incident to your stakeholders

Watch the video below

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