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Are You Going to Chaos Conf?

Joanna Lin2020-09-28

It’s almost Chaos Conf!

Things are gearing up in our preparations for Chaos Conf by Gremlin. They’ve kicked off the event by sending a swag box to the first 1000 registrants - and if you’re a lucky person who got one of our boxes, you should find this card from us:

The card has some stickers AND some info on how to win an Aeron chair during our conference giveaway.*

The giveaway is open to conference attendees - so make sure you register - it’s free!

What else?

Another fun thing happening next week during the conference - we’ll be premiering a short video about FireHydrant that stars our CEO, Robert (Bobby) Ross. It’ll be on October 6th at 12noon EST / 9am PST. So make sure to tune in!

Stay tuned for a follow-up post with a link to the video after the premiere, but here’s a screenshot of the video as a teaser.

(It’s also to be noted that we’re giving Bobby huge props for taking on the burden of filming the entire video himself during the pandemic.)


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