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New Feature: Incident Types

Robert Ross2021-01-27

Incidents are inevitable, and the reality is some of them are inevitably going to repeat themselves. FireHydrant has always strived to make the entire incident response lifecycle smooth, but up until today, common incident types were slightly burdensome for our customers. We decided it was time to help people make it easy to declare incidents using easy-to-use templates, which we’re deeming Incident types.

Why build this?

One of our missions is to remove the cognitive load that comes with opening an incident. It should be effortless to declare an incident for anyone in the company. That’s why FireHydrant doesn’t charge based on your Slack membership size; we believe everyone should be able to call the fire department. But unfortunately, some people don’t know which services have broken or even the environment something is broken within. People want to say something is wrong, and we need to fix it. We designed Incident types for that purpose.

Available today

Incident types are available today for all plans and packages.

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