Every incident tells a story

FireHydrant retros give you one place to organize, annotate, and publish your incident retrospective -- so you can communicate with confidence.

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Stop pasting from Slack

Don’t spend your valuable time copying and pasting, making custom timelines, and promising you’ll learn how to format Google Docs properly. Use FireHydrant instead.

  • FireHydrant has the data

    FireHydrant has the data

    Create accurate timelines easily with automated data from the FireHydrant platform -- no more copy and paste.

  • To help you learn from your incidents

    To help you learn from your incidents

    Helps you answer “What went well?” so you can learn as much as you can from incidents.

  • And follow up with professional reports

    And follow up with professional reports

    Customize retrospective reports according to your own internal processes, starting from a tested set of sensible defaults.

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Correlate factors and track progress

A good incident retrospective system would make it easy for you to correlate deploy events with your incident -- a great retrospective system finds and helps you correlate events automatically.

  • Intelligent

    Automatically annotated with deploy changes

    Annotate the report with Deploy data from the FireHydrant platform -- deploys, code changes, and more.

  • Automated

    Discover correlated factors easily

    Highlight changes that may have contributed to incidents, and annotate them with relevant data.

  • Easy

    Modern retros for modern organizations

    When you see how much information FireHydrant surfaces for you automatically, you’ll wonder how you ever did all of this manually.

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Avoid nasty regressions

Learn from your mistakes, don’t repeat them. FireHydrant makes it easy.

  • Create concrete follow ups

    Create concrete follow ups

    Integrate with your ticketing system to create actionable follow ups.

  • Communicate robustly

    Communicate robustly

    Keep product teams in the loop and create strong partnerships.

  • Democratize it!

    Democratize it!

    Allow input from as many parts of your organization as you can, in order to capture the whole story.

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