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FireHydrant captures, categorizes, and displays important changes from all corners of your complex system -- so you can spend less time searching, and more time fixing.

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Finally, a How and When

The complex thing about complex systems is ... all of the complexity. You simply can’t hold it all in your head. FireHydrant can help.

  • From Merge

    From merge

    VCS integrations notify FireHydrant as soon as code is merged.

  • To CI/CD

    To CI/CD

    CI/CD integrations feed data from builds and test runs into the platform.

  • To Deploy, and beyond

    To deploy, and beyond

    Kubernetes integrations allow running code to push data to FireHydrant.

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Categorized, visualized timelines

Take your endless streams of data, and categorize them in a way that makes sense. Watch how disparate sources of data flow together to tell a larger story.

  • See details

    See details

    Detail on individual events allows you to dig into individual changes to find the data you need.

  • See the whole picture

    See the whole picture

    Timelines of complete events let you visualize deploys in a comprehensive, end-to-end way.

  • >Learn from new perspectives

    Learn from new perspectives

    Connections you may have not considered can be automatically discovered for you by FireHydrant.

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Less searching, more fixing

FireHydrant leverages intelligent automation to help you find what you’re looking for without arduous searching.

  • Intelligent


    FireHydrant automates the process of surfacing important data so you don’t spend time digging.

  • Automated


    When an incident is happening, you need to focus on assessing information, not searching for needles.

  • Easy


    From development to CI to production, FireHydrant indexes it all with deploys.

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We’re working on a suite of tools to make managing complex systems easier, for everyone. We can’t wait to hear what you think.

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