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New Release: Incident Automation Just Got Even Better with Conditions in FireHydrant Runbooks

Dylan Nielsen2020-10-01

We’ve made your favorite FireHydrant feature, FireHydrant Runbooks, even more powerful with conditions - a way to build custom logic into your runbook automation.

The ability to automate your incident response process means you can start responding to incidents faster. So it’s easy to see why FireHydrant Runbooks is so popular within the platform. When you let automation take over, you can spend more focus on fixing problems and keeping your customers happy.

Now with the addition of conditions, you can create even more powerful automation.

How conditions makes FireHydrant Runbooks better than ever

Conditions allow you to build more logic into your incident response automation.

Now when you attach a runbook to an incident based on the severity of the incident or which services are impacted, you can specify when specific steps should run in the lifecycle of your incident. This means there are many more options to trigger on when building logic into your automation.

For example, you can add logic on when to automatically archive a Slack channel, or select only a certain type of severity to trigger scheduling a Zoom bridge.

Read the documentation here.

Here’s a recipe for emailing incident stakeholders when specific milestones occur to get you started. Over time, we’ll post a series of recipes and other tips on how to best leverage conditions, so keep coming back for great content or subscribe to our email updates to get them directly in your inbox.

Bonus release: Attaching runbooks as your incident changes

We’ve also made significant changes to how runbooks get attached to your incidents. With this change, we have finally enabled one of the most commonly requested runbooks features: attaching new runbooks when your severity changes in your incident. This means you can open your incidents in an initial severity, escalate your severity, and ensure that all of your runbook automation runs as expected once you escalate that severity.

All these features are live now - go ahead and try them out!


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