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A Gophers Guide to San Diego

Robert Ross2019-07-24

The FireHydrant team is dominantly from San Diego, 3 of our 4 person team actually. We’re here to enjoy the awesome community that Go has been creating and to meet new faces. But we also wanted to give back a little with a small guide on food and drinks in Downtown San Diego.


One of my personal favorites for a cocktail in downtown, Prohibition is a small venue in a “law office” on 5th avenue. Climb down the stairs after ringing the bell and just say what you’re feeling. “Straight forward with an herb” for example. They’ll take it from there.

548 5th Avenue

type Puesto interface { Tacos() }

You’re in San Diego, which means you’re near a great taco place at all times. If you’re into modern takes on food and you want a taco, definitely check out Puesto in Seaport Village. The mozzarella wrapped meat might even get you to post your food on Instagram.

789 West Harbor Drive, Suite 155

beers := knottyBarrel()

I’m biased on this one because I used to live across the street, but Knotty Barrel does have an awesome beer selection, back patio, and excellent American style food. A 0.7 walk from the conference but awesome option if you want some of San Diego’s best craft beer.

Knotty Barrel
844 Market street

if desire == “burgers” { goto HODADS }

Another San Diego staple is Hodads. Known for their burgers and outrageously large milkshakes, it’s a great spot if you want to get your burger on. Full disclosure, it can get busy here as it was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

945 Broadway

strings.Join([]string{“Nobel”, “Experiment”}, “ “)

Nobel Experiment is a speakeasy inside of The Neighborhood (another worthwhile visit if it’s too hard to get in, it does require a reservation). A dark lit place with large booths to sit in, Nobel Experiment is a great place to unwind after a day of conferencing.

Nobel Experiment
777 G Street

tired != “Copavida”

Copavida is a coffeeshop near the baseball stadium that offers open air seating and nice cups of life. If you want to walk downtown a bit before jumping into the sessions for the day, this can be a nice spot to sit down and take in the nice ocean air that constantly comes in from the harbor.

905 J Street

That’s our list! If you see us wearing “DevOops Engineers” shirts come on over and talk to us.

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