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Did Something Change About FireHydrant?

Joanna Lin2021-02-23

The short answer is: yes!

If you're familiar with FireHydrant, you've may have noticed some strange things going on with the FireHydrant brand over the past several months.

New pages? New content? New messaging? New colors? New logo? Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, we've been making some changes!

This has all been part of a process to bring FireHydrant's identity to where we felt it best served our customers and future customers.

We wanted the FireHydrant identity, from the words we used to the images on our marketing site, to tell our story of being forward-thinking and dependable, but most importantly, also be friendly and calming.

Incidents are stressful and the tools you use while working on an incident shouldn't add to that stress. While we can't wrap you up in a soft blanket and hand you a cup of tea, we can surround you with calmer colors, less alarming messaging, and just all-around focusing on helping, not impeding your work.

Now, while I hope you're liking what you see, it doesn't end here. The FireHydrant Team is planning a lot of fun things like more great content, events, and giveaways. So, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Twitter to keep in touch!


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