Dastardly Disasters

Rich Burroughs October 20, 2020


Do you like spooky stories?

Do you like spooky stories about incidents? If you do, you should check out the new streaming series called Dastardly Disasters on Snyk’s Twitch channel. The first episode aired on October 16 and featured FireHydrant’s CEO Robert (Bobby) Ross, Alyssa Miller from Snyk, and Jacob Plicque from Gremlin, sharing stories about incidents they encountered in their careers.

the speakers on Twitch

While the stories could trigger some folks, they were very entertaining. Jacob talked about a time that an entire data center disappeared due to “unplanned maintenance.” Bobby spoke about an incident from a previous job where random things were changing on the website and features disappeared. It turned out that their Spinnaker state had been lost, and Spinnaker deployed a bunch of old builds again. And Alyssa told a story about batch jobs going awry that made me think of my days working with brittle jobs in the payments industry. Plus they talked about impacts from the Amazon S3 outage of 2017, which is one of my favorites.

The show was a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to future episodes.You can view the recording on Twitch.

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