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A Look Back at 2020

The FireHydrant Team2021-01-08

What a year

2020 was, needless to say, not the best.

Looking on the brighter side, in December, FireHydrant turned 2, and in spite of it all, we grew quite a bit. We raised our $8M Series A in May, our team grew nearly 4x in size, added some amazing features such as making FireHydrant Runbooks even more powerful with conditions, and great integrations, which you can find here. But even better, we got to work with all of you!

Looking forward to 2021

The team at FireHydrant is excited about making our best features even better, building highly anticipated new releases, and creating more awesome content for you all to enjoy! So, here’s to wishing everyone a great year!

And as usual, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any of your incident management needs. To see how you stacked up, take a look at this snapshot of how our users leveraged FireHydrant in 2020.


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