Rich Burroughs

Senior Developer Advocate at FireHydrant

KubeCon North America 2020 Wrap-up

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020 Virtual was held online on November 18th to 20th. We had a lot of fun attending and saw a lot of great talks. Read our wrap-up below. Read more

Rich Burroughs 2020-11-24

HashiConf Digital October 2020 Wrap-up

HashiConf Digital October 2020 was the second HashiConf to be held online due to the coronavirus pandemic. It was held on October 14 and 15 on HashiCorp’s digital event platform. Read our take om HashiConf Digital October 2020. Read more

Rich Burroughs 2020-10-27

Dastardly Disasters

Do you like spooky stories about incidents? If you do, you should check out the new streaming series called Dastardly Disasters on Snyk’s Twitch channel. The first episode aired on October 16 and featured FireHydrant’s CEO Robert (Bobby) Ross, Alyssa Miller from Snyk, and Jacob Plicque from Gremlin, sharing stories about incidents they encountered in their careers. Read more

Rich Burroughs 2020-10-20

DevOpsDays Chicago 2020 Wrapup

DevOpsDays Chicago 2020 was held online on September 1. This is our wrap-up of DevOpsDays Chicago Read more

Rich Burroughs 2020-09-03

KubeCon Europe 2020 Wrap-up

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2020 Virtual happened online, August 18-20. It was the first virtual KubeCon, due to the coronavirus pandemic. I was happy to attend, although this was the second straight virtual conference I’ve participated in that ran on Amsterdam time. Read more

Rich Burroughs 2020-08-26

Announcing Status Pages

Communication is one of the hardest things to do well while responding to incidents. At FireHydrant, we’ve focused on helping people communicate well within their teams when responding to incidents, and also after the fact during post-incident reviews. Here's our latest product release - Status Pages Read more

Rich Burroughs 2020-07-02

HashiConf Digital Wrap-up, June 2020

The first HashiConf Digital event was held on June 22-24, online. This is our take on the event. Read more

Rich Burroughs 2020-06-30

On-Call and COVID-19 Survey Results

We conducted an On-Call and COVID-19 survey from April 8 to April 27, 2020 and received 141 anonymous responses. Here are the results. Read more

Rich Burroughs 2020-06-02

Deserted Island DevOps Wrap-up

Deserted Island DevOps was held on April 30, 2020, in the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It was the first tech conference held in Animal Crossing, as far as I know, and was streamed live on Twitch. Read more

Rich Burroughs 2020-05-04

Failover Conf Wrap-up

Failover Conf was held online on April 21, 2020 hosted by Gremlin. in this post, Rich Burroughs shares some of his thoughts on the event and the talks he was able to catch. Read more

Rich Burroughs 2020-04-24

Advice for On-Call Teams During COVID-19

We sit down with experts to get their insights on handling on-call teams during COVID-19. They all have different viewpoints, but some themes emerge, like managing alerts, having empathy, and practicing self-care. Read more

Rich Burroughs 2020-04-16

OOPS! Learning from Surprise at Netflix

Learnings from Netflix from an excellent talk from Lorin Hochstein from Spinnaker Summit 2010 called “OOPS! Learning from Surprise at Netflix.” Read more

Rich Burroughs 2020-04-06

Q&A with Alex Hidalgo on SLOs

We sit down with Alex Hidalgo to chat about his new book. Read more

Rich Burroughs 2020-04-02

Meet Rich Burroughs, Senior Developer Advocate

Meet Rich, our newest addition to the team. Read more

Rich Burroughs 2020-03-26