Megan Moore

Megan is a writer and information architect. She loves dogs, weightlifting, and etymology.

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WTF is Incident Management? Post-Panel Wrap-Up

Our panel discussion, "WTF is Incident Management," generated some great insight from a group of very experienced industry professionals. Read more

Megan Moore 2021-05-17
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Failover Conf 2021 Wrap-Up

Failover Conf 2021 offered great discussions about reliability practices, concepts, and culture. Read more

Megan Moore 2021-05-07
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Creating Custom Slack Commands

Building custom Slack commands is easy! You can run these commands directly from Slack to retrieve up-to-date information about your incident management process. Read more

Megan Moore 2021-04-15

Announcing FyreHydrant Festival and the 2021 Line-up

Announcing the first annual FyreHydrant Festival and the 2021 line-up Read more

Megan Moore 2021-04-01