Joanna Lin

Leading marketing at FireHydrant. Builder of B2B programs & teams. Based in NYC. Formerly Simon Data, Integral Ads, Yahoo, Time Inc, and Mediaocean.


Did Something Change About FireHydrant?

We've been giving the FireHydrant brand a little nip tuck to meet the needs of our customers and future customers. Here's an update on the journey so far. Read more

Joanna Lin 2021-02-23

About Last Week: A Chaos Conf Wrap-up

That’s a wrap! We had a great time at Chaos Conf last week - from great presentations to engaging conversations in the Slack community - we were glad we could be a part of it. Read more

Joanna Lin 2020-10-13

How to: Automatically Archive Incident Slack Channels using conditions in FireHydrant Runbooks

FireHydrant’s Slack integration is a great way to speed up your incident response, especially if FireHydrant Runbooks is automatically creating channels in your Slack workspace for each incident. Read more

Joanna Lin 2020-10-07

How to: Email Incident Stakeholders with conditions in FireHydrant

Our release of conditions in FireHydrant Runbooks has made it easier for teams who rely on email to communicate with key stakeholders or a distribution list. Read more

Joanna Lin 2020-10-01

Are You Going to Chaos Conf?

Things are gearing up in our preparations for Chaos Conf by Gremlin. We're sponsoring the conference -- will we see you there? Read more

Joanna Lin 2020-09-28